Wholesale - Summer Blossom - 2 kg

Available in 500 g and 1 kg glass bottles as well as 500 g, 1 kg and 3 kg plastic bottles, our Summer Blossom honey is our most popular liquid honey! The floral sources of our Summer Blossom honey are primarily Clover, Alfalfa, Basswood and Canola blossoms. Also available in a 15 kg pail. Unpasteurized.

*Our 15 kg (33 lb) buckets of honey do not qualify for free shipping. If you include a 15 kg bucket in an order that reaches $300 or more, our shopping cart will apply free shipping. However, we will not be able to ship this and will refund your order or make arrangements for additional shipping costs to be paid. Also, for orders of more than one pail of 15 kg honey, please contact us before ordering for a shipping quote. We do not ship multiple pails of 15 kg honey without prior shipping arrangements being made.

Testimonial from Zuzana B.

"My family and I find your honey superior in taste to any other that we've ever tasted!"


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