Beeswax Pillar: Medium 3 X 3.25 inch

3.25 inch high x 3 inch wide

Let the sweet, natural aroma ease your mind and offer tonic relaxation while it purifies the air. We use only 100% natural beeswax and all cotton wick in our candles.

Our beeswax products are 100% beeswax. Primarily 'cappings' wax is used. Our foundation is also 100% beeswax. No paraffin, soy or veggie wax is ever used in our products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to light a candle with a short wick?

If the wick is too short and you are having trouble lighting your beeswax candle, tilt the candle on a slight angle and use your lighter to melt some of the wax away from the wick. This allows the wick to catch fire and the wax pool to start melting.

Why is my candle smoking?

In order to reduce soot and smoking while enjoying your beeswax candle keep the wick trimmed to ¼” and make sure that the wax pool is free from matches, debris and trimmings.

Suggested burn times (if a candle is light, how long should it burn before extinguishing);

The minimum recommended burn time for a beeswax pillar candle is 1 hour for every 1” in diameter. This allows the wax pool to reach the edge of the candle and prevent tunneling. It is also important to “hug” your pillar- roll in the edges after the candle has been put out, but while the wax is still soft.

Trimming the wick (what is too short and what is too long).

To maximize the life of your beeswax candle it is important to keep the wick trimmed to the correct length. About ¼” is the ideal wick length, if the wick is too long you will have smoke and soot. If the wick is too short it will be difficult to relight.


50+ hours


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