Royal Jelly in Honey

Royal Jelly Has Huge Health Benefits Which You Cannot Ignore

What Is Royal Jelly honey bee?
Before we start discussing the impact of honey bee royal jelly, let’s know a few things about royal jelly honey bee. Royal jelly is simply an excretion from the glands of worker bees. This substance is rich in protein and serves a variety of purposes. The queen bees are at least one and a half times bigger and stronger than the worker bees. They are sexually mature whereas worker bees are not aware of the mating process. Now as you are quite aware with the nature and specifications of the different set of bees, isn’t it a wonderful time to have a good spoonful of royal jelly bees infused raw honey?

Royal Jelly Ensure Good Health And Nutrition!
What makes royal jelly bees so demanding is the fact that it is a substance with enormous nutritious value. It is made up of water, protein, carbohydrates and fatty acids. It contains some percentage of Vitamin B and C as well. Royal jelly also contains collagen and enzymes. Presently,  royal jelly honey bee has become extremely popular, thanks to its multiple benefits.

The sale of royal jelly bees is increasing massively and it has become an object of desire and appreciation in recent times. Today, royal jelly supplements are sold mainly as a nutritional element, though some people have the opinion that it is an exaggeration to label royal jelly honey bee as a nutritional supplement as it is taken in very small quantities (around 250 mg for one time use). 

Royal Jelly Gives You Immense Stamina!
Whether you’re working in an office for nine hours at a stretch or running in a 100m race competition, you need one thing- and that is stamina. Stamina can be defined as your ability to withstand mental or physical pressure for a considerable amount of time. If you are going through a personal energy crisis, now it’s high time that you take this matter seriously and start taking royal jelly honey bee from now on. 

Majority of the royal jelly bees supplement sold today boosts its ability to counter the demons of human incapacity, namely fatigue and stress. In the year 2001, a Japanese study supported these claims, and conducted an experiment over a mice. They came to the conclusion that after getting fed by royal jelly bees supplement, the endurance and bearing capacity of the mice increased to a significant extent.

Royal Jelly Decreases Cholesterol
According to a recent report published by Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, people with high blood cholesterol are more prone to suffer from heart disease and strokes. When you have low cholesterol, your chances of suffering from heart diseases automatically goes down. Besides increasing the energy level, recent studies have found out that royal jelly bees are cardio-protective in nature, thereby, reducing blood pressure and eliminating bad cholesterol. A study conducted way back in 1995,  found that cholesterol was decreased by 14 percent, by consuming as little as .1 grams of royal jelly honey bee.

Royal Jelly Increases Your Immunity
Leigh Broadhurst, a famous USDA researcher, states that just like newborn mammals get their immunity from mother’s milk, in the same manner royal jelly bees perform these activities for the immune system of a honey bee colony. What is even more intriguing is the fact that honey bee royal jelly is considered to be antimicrobial, and is extremely powerful in combating  against the likes of single celled microorganisms in the form of yeast and bacteria. An experiment conducted in the year 1995, in Egypt, demonstrated the power of royal jelly. It was shown that royal jelly bees have the potential to destroy various kinds of bacteria, including the most dangerous Staphylococcus Aureus and E.Coli.

Do’s And Dont's When Purchasing Royal Jelly
As you understand honey bee royal jelly is a kind of perishable item, and for better consumption, buying a professionally processed product is always suggested. The best way we recommend you to buy is in freeze-dried capsule form, or combined with raw honey, as honey is itself a natural preservative. If you prefer to buy it fresh, we suggest that you purchase it frozen. You are advised not to purchase royal jelly bees, which was stored in room temperature, as the chances of the product getting perished remains extremely high in room temperature.

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