Beeswax Blocks

Beeswax Block Can Be Extremely Useful For You... Do You Know Why?

Most of us must have certainly heard about beeswax block, right? I am sure many of us have used it in real life as well. Today, we will discuss beeswax block and its various uses. There are several things about these blocks which makes people crazy. There are so many things to crave for beeswax block! Right now I can list a few. The beautiful colour, the exquisite smell and the wonderful odour and so on...

There are plenty of items which are manufactured from  beeswax block. It has multiple uses and is used for making soaps, varieties of skin care stuff, crayons, smokeless candles and furniture polishing as well. Bee wax is nothing but a type of natural secretion extracted from the wax glands. Beeswax is available in multiple colors, starting from yellow to black.

Why Is Beeswax Block An All Purpose Item?

Beeswax block is ideal for use in cosmetic products because of the presence of wax esthers that is present in both man and beeswax. These compounds work well with lipsticks and lotions. Beeswax blocks are used for medicinal purposes as well. It is used for treatment to skin etching. Ear wax can also be removed by applying beeswax. If you are suffering from ear infection, apply beeswax. Beeswax block is used for coating cheese and this prevents the cheese from getting damaged for many months. In short, it acts as a preservative.

Interesting Facts!

The bees have to consume as much as ten pounds of honey to manufacture one pound of wax.That’s amazing!

The Numerous Uses Of Beeswax Block

1. Effective For Waxing

Good things come with greater price. So, is the case with beeswax block. It is true that beeswax block can be a bit costly, but it has tremendous utility. If you buy it for once let me assure you that you will get your money’s worth. Most celebrities say that they prefer beeswax over any things else for waxing their whole body.

2. Enhance The Beauty Of Your Lips

If your lips are not that appealing, don’t worry. Buy beeswax block from BeeBuzz, the reputed supplier of health and wellness products. Apply some oil or liquid on it and get refreshing glossy lips.

3. Useful For Application On Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture adds to the aesthetic value of the house. Don’t you think so? Try this by yourself. Create a mixture of beeswax block and olive oil. Apply it on any wooden furniture. Trust me you will be mesmerized by the shine and polish of your wooden furniture.

4. Helpful For Lubrication Of Drawers And Doors

Are you finding it difficult to slide wooden drawers for years? Don’t worry. Just apply a fine coating of beeswax and that will work wonders for your doors.

5. Beeswax Makes Great Candles

Candles are used by everyone. Apply beeswax block and see how superior quality candles are made. What makes beeswax candles different from others is they don’t emit smoke from candles. It helps in preventing pollution.

6. Useful For Binding Books

Remember your childhood days, when your parents used to buy books for you! Book binding is an activity which is specially done by applying a thick thread with beeswax block. It increases the longevity of the books.

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Now coming back to beeswax block, after reading this topic, I am mighty sure that you have understood what beeswax is and what are its uses. As I had mentioned earlier, the cost of beeswax is a little bit on the expensive side, but it has immense utility, which cannot be ignored by anybody. What I suggest you is visit the BeeBuzz website today and get an idea on what they have to offer. You will get an exclusive range of products including jelly, capsules, honey, skin and beauty products. Check the product description and get an idea on the main features of that product. You will also be told about the price and quantity of the item in detail. Log into the BeeBuzz website and enjoy the exquisite collections of bee products.


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