HoneyMaxx Lemon Lime 500 g (20 Servings)


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What Is HoneyMaxx?

HoneyMaxx is the world's first honey-based sport and active lifestyle drink. If you run, walk, garden, do yoga or partake in any activity that causes you to sweat, then HoneyMaxx is for you.

A low calorie, powdered drink that you mix with water, HoneyMaxx will supply you with honey-based energy and electrolytes to ensure that you have the energy to keep going while avoiding painful muscle cramps.

With natural and organic flavoring and only natural ingredients, HoneyMaxx is the only sport and active lifestyle drink to contain no refined sugars. Perfect for your active children, HoneyMaxx is free of food coloring and GMO ingredients.

Who uses HoneyMaxx?

HoneyMaxx is used by active people of all types in a wide variety of sports and activities; runners, cyclists, triathletes and during hockey, soccer, baseball, yoga and any other activity that causes you to sweat.

Is HoneyMaxx Safe for Kids?

Yes, HoneyMaxx is safe for kids. HoneyMaxx uses real honey as its primary energy source. Most popular sports drinks use high-fructose corn syrup or highly-refined sugars that cause insulin spikes and are not healthy for kids. HoneyMaxx uses all natural honey and all natural ingredients. It is THE choice for young athletes.

How do I use HoneyMaxx?

HoneyMaxx can be mixed in any re-usable bottle prior to exercise or activity. For optimal use, mix one scoop of HoneyMaxx in 300mL of water. Many athletes have unique personal taste preferences and energy needs and mix it according to their own desires. This is absolutely fine.