Green Bay Manuka Honey Lozenges Propolis and Echinacea

These Echinacea & Propolis flavoured Manuka Honey lozenges are made from 89% Manuka Honey blended with echinacea extract and propolis extract.

  • The Manuka Honey Lozenges are made from Manuka Honey from New Zealand
  • Great value - Green Bay's lozenges contain up to 20 times more Manuka Honey that other lozenges! Why pay for corn sugar and rice syrup?
  • Green Bay Harvest Manuka Lozenges contain NO corn sugar, NO rice syrup
  • Available in five delicious flavours:  Blackcurrant, Echinacea & Propolis, Lemon, Red Superfruits and Original.
  • Handy and portable for people on the go: Ideal format to carry with you throughout the day.
  • Green Bay is a family-owned company with family values selling a genuine Honey Lozenge.
  • GMO free
  • Made in New Zealand

    Manuka honey (89%), cassava starch (10%), echinacea extract (0.5%), propolis extract (0.5%).


    1. Calm and soothe your throat and mouth
    2. Convenient packet slips easily in a pocket or handbag
    3. Great to share with friends and family
    4. Lots of Manuka honey in every lozenge  (70-90% depending on the flavour)
    5. Great taste  - a mix of honey, fruit juices and herbal extracts
    6. NO cheap fillers - NO to corn sugar, cane sugar or sugar syrups
    7. Made in New Zealand