Cold and Flu Anti-Viral Protocol

The Cold and Flu Anti-Viral Protocol is designed to both help prevent the flu virus but also help expedite your recovery in the event that you do come down with a bug.   Propolis is an extremely strong anti-viral substance and a 2011 study found that it exhibits particularly strong activity against different flu strains.   Raw honey is a known anti-viral and anti-bacterial with strong immune boosting properties.    In the event that you or a loved one comes down with a bug, raw honey is a proven tonic for stomach issues and discomfort while also providing minerals and other nutrients to help prevent and replenish from dehydration. The echinacea found within the Propolis throat spray is a well known and established immune booster and modulator, providing your immune system the extra boost it needs when under viral attack.

The Cold & Flu Protocol Contains:

  • One bottle of Dutchman's Gold Propolis Tincture 50 ml 
  • One bottle of Raw Honey 500 g (1.1 lb)
  • One bottle of Propolis & Herb Throat Spray 30 ml