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Since the founding of Bee Buzz, it’s been our goal to provide customers across the globe easy, reliable access to high-quality, healthy and sustainable bee and honey products. Since then, our operation has grown exponentially but we remain committed to our ultimate goal of being your first choice in honey, bee products and supplements.


From Side Business to Thriving Enterprise

Growing up on a bee farm, the products of the hive have always been a huge part of my life. My dad, a Master Beekeeper, and mom raised me and my siblings on a steady diet of bee pollen and honey. When one of us came down with a cold or flu, it was propolis and a hot cup of tea with honey. Skin conditions got treated with my mom's homemade beeswax cream. We truly lived the 'hive life.' 

After graduating as a holistic nutritionist, I decided to dedicate my life to natural wellness and founded Bee Buzz in September of 2008 in Ontario, Canada. Natural health from the hive was my vision. 

At the time, I believed that our bees had so much to offer when it comes to your health and wellness. I still do to this day.It became my quest to find the best products from the hive from around the globe and make them available. Amazing research and development is being done on honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly. Scientific studies are being carried out, validating the efficacy of the ingredients of the beehive. We couldn't be more excited to share this with you. 

 Bee Buzz began as a small, single person operation running out of a small closet in my home. Today we ship globally, have a line of 'hive' products and have relationships with major, global retailers. It remains our mission to bring health from the hive, to you and your loved ones.Thank you for visiting and as always, if you have any questions, please contact me here.

 Angela and the BeeBuzz Team


Why Choose Bee Buzz?

Great Products from Top Brands

We've been in the bee business for over 40 years. We know which brands from the hive are best.

Better Ingredients

Every product we carry is screened to ensure that it contains only the safest, most natural ingredients.

Natural Health Support

We can help you determine which product is best for you and your health.

Curated Selection of Quality Products

We scour the globe looking for the highest quality, most unique bee products that exist.

Products for the Whole Family

The beehive loves your whole family and so do our products.

Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products 100% and will even pay the return shipping.*
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