Drizzle Cacao Luxe Gold Raw Honey 350 g

Upgrade your morning espresso, indulge by the spoonful, or elevate a simplecake into something unforgettablewithDrizzleCacao Luxe.

Ingredients: Raw Drizzle Honey, Organic Raw Cacao (Fair Trade), Organic Ceylon (True) Cinnamon, Organic Lucuma, Natural Madagascar Vanilla Extract

Delicious ways to enjoy your Drizzle:Mix intocoffee and espresso-based beverages, use as a chocolate milk base, dip your fruit into the jar, use in granola bars and balls, elevate a simple cake by adding into a batter or using as an icing, drizzle onto porridge, blend into banana-cacao smoothies, use to make an incredible Mexican Mole sauce, etc. the possibilities are endless!

Drizzle Honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about


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