Dutchman's Gold Raw Honey 3 kg (6.6 lbs)

The Dutchman's Gold Raw Honey is our most popular honey product. This pure, Raw Honey is unheated and unpasteurized. It contains all of the wonderful compounds that nature intended including naturally occurring bee pollen, propolis and beeswax.

Produced by the 2000 hives of Dutchman's Gold Apiaries, this is our most popular honey product! Our Raw honey is just that - raw, unheated, unpasteurized and only lightly filtered. It contains all of the wonderful compounds that nature intended including natural bee pollen, royal jelly and beeswax. Solid at room temperature, this raw food is perfect on toast or bread or in recipes or tea. Popular with Raw Foodists and Foodies around the world. Enjoy - I promise that you have never tasted honey like this!

Guaranteed 100% Canadian honey. No off-shore honey EVER.

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Q - To get the full benefits of raw honey, how should I consume it? Can I mix it with anything? What about if I use it to sweeten my tea or coffee, will it lose its’ benefits?

A - You absolutely can mix Raw Honey into other foods. As for mixing it in tea - this is fine provided you don't mix it with boiling water. Wait a few minutes for it to cool so as not to damage the enzymes and natural bacteria in it.

Q - What is the best way to store raw honey?

A - Raw honey is best stored at room temperature.

Q - I noticed that my raw honey developed a harder consistency over time. Is this normal and how do I soften it?

A - The harder consistency of our Raw Honey is a natural process and a sign of very high quality honey. If you'd like to soften it, place the honey in a pot of water and place it on the stove. Don't boil it but heat it gently and the honey will soften. Keep it mind, a quality honey will always begin to crystalize/harden over time. This is due to the natural compounds found within raw honey including royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and beeswax which are NOT filtered out like most honey products on the market.

Q - I noticed my Raw Honey tasted slightly different than my last bottle from you. Why is this?

A - As for the taste, we do not flavor or alter the taste of the raw honey EVER. How it tastes out of the hive is how it tastes in the bottle. Keep in mind this is a raw agricultural product. We can not change the taste unless we add flavoring to it, which we would never do. Taste in raw honey is a result of where the bee's happened to visit and what plants they pollinated. This can change from day to day and season to season. We like to think of the slight variations in taste from batch to batch as Mother Nature's sprinkling of flavor into each unique batch.

Q - What is the difference between unpasteurized and pasteurized honey? Is unpasteurized the same as raw honey?

A - Pasteurization is a heating process that kills all bacteria in a substance, both good and bad. Our raw honey is unpasteurized yes. But it is also unfiltered. Unfiltered and unpasteurized are what make a raw honey.

Q - Your honey is smoother than the raw honey I normally buy. Why is this?

A - Our honey is 100 % natural. We do mix the raw honey to smooth the crystallization process. Honey from different regions and floral sources will have different consistencies, which could explain why ours tastes different to you. The honey our bees produce will even have a wide variation in taste and color depending on the time of year it is produced as well as the particular weather patterns year to year.


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