Dutchman's Gold Propolis 50% Tincture 50 ml

Bee Propolis is considered to be one of mother nature's most versatile substances. Used for millennia, it has the ability to provide protection against infectious invaders, promote healing and regeneration of tissue and provide a superior source of energy and endurance.

Available in 25 and 50 ml bottles in both alcohol and water bases.

Our alcohol based tincture is 50% propolis and our water based tincture is 20% propolis.

Alcohol Based Formula: Propolis extract, ethyl alcohol.

Water Based Formula: Propolis extract, propoline glycol.

Q - Which product do you recommend for gum health and the regeneration of gum tissue?

A - We recommend using our Water Based Tincture and applying several drops daily with a finger directly to the gums. Or use our raw propolis chunks (listed above) and chew several chunks daily.

Q - I find that when I take a propolis tincture, it feels like I have a waxy feeling in my mouth. Is this a normal reaction to the drops?

A - Yes, this is quite normal due to the resinous compounds in propolis. The trick to avoiding this with a tincture is to tip your head back and squirt the drops directly to the back of your throat.

Q - I don't like the taste of the tinctures. What should I do?

A - This is quite common. The best way to ingest the tinctures if you can't tolerate the taste is to mix the tincture into a quality, liquid honey. This will cover up the taste and texture almost entirely.

Q -Can I mix my propolis tincture into my coffee?

A - You could put it in your morning coffee but propolis has a rather unique taste and texture. It doesn't dissolve well in water based liquids. I suggest mixing it in honey, jam or a smoothie for best results.


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