Dutchman's Gold Bee Pollen 500 g (1.1 lb)

Dutchman's Gold bee pollen is quickly cooled for maximum freshness.

Q - How much bee pollen do I take each day and when?

A - For general health, take 1 - 2 tablespoons of bee pollen granules per day either at once or in divided doses throughout the day. More or less can be consumed based on your weight, health status and or budget. Only consume this much bee pollen daily if you tolerate bee pollen well.

Q - How do I store my bee pollen granules and how long will they last?

A - The best place to store your bee pollen granules is in the freezer. Stored this way, the pollen will last for several years. In the freezer, bee pollen won't turn to ice or crystalize. It remains very accessible and easy to spoon or pour.

Q - What is the difference between bee pollen granules, chewables and capsules/tablets?

A - Bee pollen granules are unprocessed and exactly how they come out of the hive except that they've been dried to remove the moisture from them. A chewable bee pollen will have had the outer shell of the pollen granule removed and been ground into a fine powder and then pressed together into a chewable tablet. A capsule would undergo the same process but instead of being pressed into a tablet, the powder will be inserted in a gelatin capsule. Benefits wise the products are very similar although I feel there is a bit more goodness in a raw granule as it has experienced the least amount of processing.

Q - How many tablespoons are in a 500 gram (1.1 pound) bag of your bee pollen?

A - There are 42 tablespoons in a 500 gram bag.

Q - I've read on the internet that you can only absorb about 5% of the bee pollen you ingest and therefore should only take the pills. Is this true?

A - I have read this as well but have seen no scientific evidence to support this beyond one person's opinion. We see great results with people taking the granules so in my opinion, you absorb the granules very well.


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