Dutchman's Gold Fresh Royal Jelly 1 kg (2.2 lbs)


  • Premium grade raw Royal Jelly contains guaranteed 2.1% 10-HDA.
  • 100% pure royal jelly. No additives.
  • Shipped cold for maximum freshness

Experience all of the benefits of this wondrous substance with this premium raw royal jelly product. It has a smooth, creamy texture to it and is best taken a quarter teaspoon at a time.

Contains No Artificial Additives, Sweeteners, Colours or Flavours.

There are no refunds on fresh royal jelly.


**Our shipping partners are all experiencing significant delays in delivery times. Please note that no ship time guarantees are being offered at this time. There are no refunds on fresh royal jelly due to shipping delays.**

All fresh Royal Jelly orders ship on Mondays. Orders to Ontario, Canada are the only exception to this rule and we will ship within Ontario as late as Tuesday.

All fresh frozen Royal Jelly orders are automatically shipped in an insulated shipping kit with two ice packs. Please note that this option will only keep fresh royal jelly cool for two days. If the shipping time to you is greater than two business days, your order will not arrive frozen.

We offer a faster Express Shipping (1 - 3 business days depending on where you are located) option for an additional charge. This option will be offered to you during the checkout process. This service is highly recommended during the summer months to the East and West Coasts of both Canada and the USA.

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There are no refunds on Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly.

100% Pure, Fresh Royal Jelly liquid.

Q - How much Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly do you recommend taking each day?

A - We recommend taking 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per day mixed in juice, honey or a smoothie. Or, if you are tough, you can ingest it straight! (it has a strong taste) If you are treating a health condition, you can take greater amounts than this.

Q - What is the best way to store fresh royal jelly?

A - If you are consuming your fresh royal jelly within two months you can store it in the refrigerator. For storage longer than two months, fresh royal jelly should be frozen.

Q - How big is the serving size of the Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly?

A - A single serving dose is 1/2 teaspoon.

Q - Can I use your fresh royal jelly on my face for a facial?

A - Yes! Use it topically as a Royal Jelly Facial Mask for tight, glowing skin! View my Royal Jelly Facial video here.

*50 ml Trial size not included.

Try The Delicious Dutchman's Gold Royal Jelly Now And Get Rid Of Serious Health Issues!

The benefits of gold royal jelly are endless. One can’t really stop wondering about the varied capabilities of this illustrious product, that too at such a reasonable pure royal jelly price in the market. The Dutchman's gold royal jelly can perform so many actions in one go such as improving arthritis, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, depression, issues with kidneys, high blood pressure, sexual incapability, and even reducing the chances of getting affected by cancer. But, besides these serious health issues, there is one more thing which makes gold royal jelly a must buy for every woman of different age groups.

Dutchman's Gold Royal Jelly Protects Your Skin

Some may consider this reason as more vanity than health: the return of youthful skin. The method is pretty straightforward. We are not telling you to get youth full skin by applying wrinkle injections or using chemical scrubs. But instead, by simply consuming and paying for pure royal jelly price on a constant basis, you can get youthful skin. If you still have doubts, you can buy Dutchman's gold royal jelly now and start consuming it from today. Just notice the change that will take place on your skin and body.

Why Is Skin So Important?

Healthy and glowing skins are a basic requirement for our bodies. Your skin acts as a protective agent and very rightly, we can refer to it as the first line of defense against germs. Our skin also protects us from the harmful ultraviolet radiation and heat. It acts as a protective covering for all the essential body organs like muscles, blood vessels, bones and nerve tissues, that are required to lead a smooth life.

Therefore, having healthy skin is not just about looking good and young, it's also important for helping us live a peaceful, germ less and disease free life. The benefits of gold royal jelly is not only about giving you youthful skin, it is also about strengthening your underlying health.

Royal Jelly And Its Impact

Over the last few decades, people have keenly followed the impact of royal jelly on bees themselves. No one can ignore the fact that the queen bee lives at least 60 times more than a worker bee and is almost double in stature. Do you know what is the only difference? The Queen bee is fed royal jelly throughout her life, whereas the worker bees only get a chance to consume royal jelly for a few days.

If we wrongly assume that by consuming Dutchman's gold royal jelly, we can enjoy a long and steady life like queen bee, it is nothing short of daydreaming. Still, with the kinds of benefits being served at a reasonable pure royal jelly price, we can proudly say with confidence that by purchasing gold royal jelly, we have made the right decision.

Consume Gold Royal Jelly And Retain Your Youthfulness

After conducting research for several years, Dr. H.W. Schmidt came up with the fact that the gold royal jelly has several health benefits and are extremely helpful in regenerating the body's cells. Dr. Schmidt also made another extraordinary discovery that gold royal jelly can restore tissue cells in old aged people.

Why Is Dutchman's Gold Royal Jelly An Incredible Food Item?

Do you know that Dutchman's gold royal jelly is excessively high in collagen? Collagen is a supremely strong substance that prevents people from getting old and they keep the skin glowing. Just think and say how many times in a year you get injured or burned? Due to the collagen based body suit, covering your body, your injuries did not turn out to be that serious. The gold royal jelly contains a high proportion of nucleic acids which are used for curing problems related to wrinkles.

If you can afford pure royal jelly price, let me assure you that you won’t experience any serious skin disorders Honey as a whole, and Dutchman's gold royal jelly in particular, have been gaining loads of appreciation and applause from all quarters for successfully treating skin and rash disorders. Daily consumption of gold royal jelly can prevent diseases like erythematosus, seborrhea, and eczema.

Some researchers claim that Dutchman's gold royal jelly helps in accelerating the healing process of burns, cuts, scrapes and infections, in real time. Many physicians operating in some severely underdeveloped countries have been successfully using honey-soaked gauze as wound dressings for a long time. The gold royal jelly is definitely worth a buy!

Contact BeeBuzz Now And Start Consuming Dutchman's Gold Royal Jelly

A very serious question arises every time we discuss money and health. Which is more important in life? I am sure it’s our health. Without a stable health, do you have the capability to make wealth? No. That is why the best way to be a truly affluent person is to safeguard the wellness of your own body. To do that you need to eat well. Today as you have learned about the various functions of gold royal jelly, make it a habit to start consuming it from today.

Visit the website of professional service provider BeeBuzz. It is a website where you will find a wide range of jelly products at a reasonable pure royal jelly price. Place an order for the delicious Dutchman's gold royal jelly, and start consuming it from today, to get rid off several health issues. The products available with BeeBuzz are of the highest standards. Purchase gold royal jelly and get full value for your money.


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